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Types of Wheelbarrows

If you are a gardener, there might come a time when a heavy load of garden waste need to be carried from place to place. Trugs, baskets, and buckets are great for dealing with small quantities of debris, but the best option is certainly the wheelbarrow. Before you make a decision, it is first important to understand the available types of wheelbarrows to help you choose the right unit for your needs.


Based on wheelbarrow handle materials

- Metal
Metal handles are extremely secure to ensure that you can operate the unit without any concern over the safety of the loads. Made of high-quality stainless steel, they won’t splinter, break, or bend and can last for years. However, metal handles can get hot quickly when you work in the sun for a long period, but you can use gloves to reduce the discomfort.

- Wood
Wooden handles are one of the most popular options because they won’t get hot when working outside in the sun. However, they can be damaged and rot if left out in wet conditions. Also, these units can often come with rough surfaces, which might cause splinters that are really painful.

- Plastic
In most cases, a plastic handle can only found in a plastic wheelbarrow with an ergonomic single handle. This creates a cohesive design thanks to the matching form and color, which can fade out quickly under the sun. While plastic materials are lightweight and easy to move around, they can crack or break easily, especially when exposed to cool temperatures.

Based on the number of wheels

- One wheel
Most traditional wheelbarrows come with one wheel in middle front. This tripod design makes it easy to get rid of whatever inside the bucket and move it around your backyard without running over your plants. However, you have to be strong to maneuver and keep the unit balance. In a few cases when you carry heavy things, be careful because the unit can get off balance easily and tip over.

- Two wheel
Though two-wheel models aren’t as popular as one-wheel units, more and more people are using them because they are much simpler and more comfortable to use. Due to the second wheel, you will have lots of stability to avoid tipping over when dealing with heavy items. However, this also makes it more difficult to move in tight areas.

Based on other features

- Hybrid wheelbarrow
This type is simply an upgrade of the classic wheelbarrow to meet the modern times. In the past, these units came with a load tub and a single wheel which was too shallow for storing. Now, hybrid wheelbarrows are designed with a variety of tub sizes and wheel numbers to meet your hauling needs.

- Hill-use wheelbarrow
If you are living in a hilly region, this type of wheelbarrow can be a great option. It typically has a lightweight frame made of high-quality plastic to ensure an easy move in these conditions. Also, the ball bearings make it more stable and flexible to go up and down steep inclines.

- Electric wheelbarrow
Electric wheelbarrows are probably the most high-tech upgrade, and they are certainly more expensive than other models. This makes them not too popular on the market since they are actually overqualified for normal tasks in your garden.
Above listed are a few different types of wheelbarrows. Wheels, handles and other options all contribute to what can make a wheelbarrow different from the other. The variety helps provide options for what will best fit your needs.