Simply Dump It, Pivoting Wheelbarrow Handles

Control Wheelbarrow

Never letting go of the handgrip provides ergonomic control in movement, cornering and delivery.

Wheelbarrows will dump loads where you want it.

Easy placement and smooth delivery of the load, just where you want it.

Now You Can Enjoy Using Your Wheelbarrow!

“Remember the “good old days” of trying to dump a load from your wheelbarrow and it tips sideways and/or spills – not where you want it? Those days are gone!!! Welcome to the “good new days” where you can dump your wheelbarrow when and where you want with the new Simply Dump It pivoting wheelbarrow handles.

Simply Dump It on Home Talk USA

Home Talk Usa  Logo for radio Gues's websiteSeptember 3, 2013 The Simply Dump It pivoting wheelbarrow handles will be on air on Home Talk USA, with Michael King – the “Cajun Contractor” .

  • the “Cajun Contractor” Michael King
  • 2011 Talk Radio Host of the Year
  • National Radio Top 50 Radio Talk Shows in America

Simply Dump It on Salem’s Own KYKN 1430

September 14, 2013 at 10am – Listen to the Lulays on Talk Radio, Facing Life’s Challenges with Fay Day. The Lulay’s will share their story of bringing a brand-new product idea to the retail and wholesale market.

Simply Dump It on the DIY Network

Great News! Watch for the segment on the “Simply Dump It” handles, July 24th on DIY Network at 9 pm EST on “I Want That at the National Hardware Show 2013″. Read article.

2011 ErgoExpo Attendees’ Choice Award Winners

MAS Un Limited and Ergotron not only exhibited for the first time at ErgoExpo, they also won an ErgoExpo Attendees’ Choice Award in 2011. “Ergonomists have been working for years to improve ergonomics in businesses environments to receive better results in worksite safety and productivity,” said Joel Hazzard, president and CEO of Ergotron. Read article.

Ergonomic Protection While You Work

Any person, a homeowner, gardener, industrial or construction worker who uses a wheelbarrow will benefit from, and appreciate, the Simply Dump It pivoting wheelbarrow handles. These ergonomically-designed handles greatly reduce the potential injury to wrists, elbows and the lower back from excessive torque stress. Read article.

“…I wish I had the ability to have prescribed this device to the thousands of patients I have treated over the years!” Read more.
–Dr. Dennis Brittain